Fire Safety Log Book

Fire Safety Log BookThe Look Book is the starting point for a better fire safety culture in the workplace. It enables employers or their representatives to keep an accumulating account of their actions concerning fire safety in the workplace. Some items which can be logged include; fire risk assessment, staff training, means of escape and emergency action plan. It keeps all your records and information in an easy accesible place where you can go back to at anytime.

The Fire Safety Log Book provided by Solutions Fire Safety has been designed to complement the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It contains the legisaltion that dictates each of the sections covered and is a comprehensive guide to all workplace fire safety needs. With pertinent information, a logical layout and a design that is fit for purpose, the upkeep and maintenance of our log book becomes a simple yet effective process.

Our Fire Safety Log Book also has the added benefit of a CD-ROM. This allows the records to be constantly updated. It also allows for easy access, ready to be printed when the fire brigade inspect the premises.

Price: &pound70.00