Premises Information Box (PIB)

Solutions Fire Safety Ltd. are committed to providing the highest quality products which is why we have partnered with a market leading security firm, supplying the Premises Information Box (PIB).

The Premises Information Box (PIB) is a secure and efficient system to provide and protect essential company information for the 'golden hour' response by the fire and rescue service. In the early phases of any fire or emergency, the Incident Commander must make decisions on how best to bring an incident under control. The effective provision of information to the Fire Service can enhance their response plan.

"We expect the Premises Information Box to become a useful tool for fire fighters...this will help them to reduce risks to the occupants, to themselves and mitigate damage to property"

Typical contents of a Premises Information Box would include;

  • Plans of the building
  • The fire safety manual
  • Description of the building
  • Information on occupants
  • Details of key personnel
  • Evacuation strategy
  • Construction & layout
  • Details of fire safety systems
  • Any unusual features

With the Premises Information Box is also the added benefit of a comprehensive Emergency Response Pack guidance manual. This has been carefully prepared by experienced fire service professionals. It contains good practice guidelines, including sections on orientation plans, layouts, contents and safety & emergency features. This is also accompanied by a CD-ROM.

The Premises Information Box has been designed specifically for exterior use. If you would are looking for a box that is to be used internally, Gerda also supply the Emergency Plans Box.


Are you look for an internal box?

The manufacturers of the Premises Information Box also provide a box that has been designed specifically for internal usage...

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