Fire Safety Sign Survey

The correct use of fire safety signs is without doubt one of the most important elements of an organisations fire safety strategy. The design of signs varies enormously and often over long periods of time, organisations can end up having different sign designs throughout their premises. When this occurs, rather than creating a consistent message to occupants; in the event of a fire it could lead to confusion.

We aim to work closely with business's to build relationships and ultimately help protect you from the consequences of a fire. Having performed very successful sign surveys for many organisations, the same professional service could be of use to you.

Our sign surveyors have many years experience and are fully trained in dealing with fire safety signs and the relevant regulations and standards surrounding this area. When conducting your survey they will consider the following:

- Ensure signs are in accordance with current regulations and standards

- All signs are uniform in both format and intended message

- Will recommend the optimum use of signs

Our sign surveyor will examine your property in great details taking into consideration all of the above to provide you with a report of requirements and recommendations.

As an authorised distributor of Jalite's AAA photoluminescent signs, we can provide a wide range of safety signs, all designed to conform to British Standards. All of our signs will emit a glow allowing clear visibility in darkness and perform above industry standard in this respect. They need only exposure to ordinary ambient light from which to 'charge'.

For further information on your Fire Safety Sign Survey please do not hesitate to contact us. Prices vary according to size, scope and requirements.


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