High Visibility Fire Safety Clothing

High visibility jackets and armbands are made to identify key personnel in an emergency. The Fire Warden, Officer, or Marshal needs to be totally conspicuous in an emergency, as they will have been trained to take control and aid evacuation under such circumstances.

JALITE identification jackets and armbands provide a simple solutions. By the very nature of their responsibility the Fire Warden, Officer or Marshal way be the last person to leave a building and could quite possibly be left in a totally dark environment. Even under these condition, JALITE safety clothing can still be seen.

JALITE Safety Clothing is made out of a high visibility yellow material with retro-reflective and photoluminescent markings. The armbands and jackets come in different sizes and are available with, Fire Warden, Fire Officer, Fire Marshal or First Aider printed on them. Bespoke titles can also be manufactured.

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