Self Adhesive Vinyl Tape

Our photoluminescent tapes are designed to provide building owners and managers an easier option when providing emergency lighting / illumination within the escape routes. If a light source is suddenly lost, the JALITE photoluminescent tape illuminated immediately and stays bright longer than any other material in the industry.

Our photoluminescent tapes provide a cost-effective way of identifying obstacles, dangerous locations and escape routes and can be viewed in total darkness to provide highly visible escape route illumination. Our tape is made with the new AAA material that produces three to four times the brightness of a standard Class A Photoluminescnet material and is charged in a matter of seconds.

This tape is manufactured on photoluminescent vinyl with a self-adhesive backing. Can be easily cut to size.

Truly the most flexible product to use for escape route illumination. Tapes come in various, lengths, widths and designs. Comes with a self-adhesive backing.

Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs...

We are also an authorised distributor of JALITE AAA photoluminescent fire safety signs.

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